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3 Advantages of Storage Containers During a Retail-Remodeling Project

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According to research performed by Monash University's Department of Marketing, a retail store's sales will see a 50 percent increase after a remodel. Therefore, remodeling your retail business location occasionally is an easy way to keep customers interested in your place of business. However, a retail store remodel is a huge undertaking with a lot of work involved. 
One of the simplest things you can do to simplify the remodeling process is to rent a few storage containers to keep on site throughout the project. Storage containers are large containers that are portable, secure, and fairly inexpensive solutions to storage problems. Take a look at some of the perks of renting storage containers during your retail store's remodel.

1. Prevent Inventory Loss and Profit Loss During the Remodel

A lot of retail storeowners will go through the process of eliminating excess store inventory before a remodeling project just to make the process easier to handle. However, decreased inventory can mean an increase in cost operations because you spend more getting goods to your store more often.
Having storage containers on site will allow you to maintain your typical level of inventory to avoid unnecessary profit loss. In addition, a storage container onsite will help you protect inventory from damage during fixture changes or projects.
Storage containers can be situated right beside or behind your business building, which means associates can still access inventory when it is needed. The containers can also large enough to store inventory in an accessible, organized way when work is being performed in certain areas. 

2. House Remodel Materials on Site- Another way to use your container

The typical retail store remodel will involve many different processes. You will likely be painting walls, installing new flooring or refinishing the old flooring, replacing old shelves and fixtures, putting in new signs and signposts, and even swapping out lighting. Because a remodeling project involves so many new materials, this can mean you need a lot of building supplies in the store just to do the work. 
For this reason, storing your remodel materials in an accessible location will make the remodel go faster. Therefore, you could a storage container to store all the new building materials. This way the materials are accessible onsite and they won’t take up space in your backroom or shipping and receiving areas. 

3. Avoid Unnecessary Clutter in the Store

When customers visit a retail store to shop, they don't like to encounter and crowded or cluttered aisles. While you are in the process of remodeling your store, things can get really cluttered. You may have:
  • Shelves situated closer together than usual while working on the floors or walls
  • Extra signage in the process of being exchanged for new pieces
  • Remodeling tools and equipment blocking inventory
By having a storage container or two on site, you have a place to stick all the unnecessary clutter during the remodeling project. If you plan on keeping your store open during the bulk of the remodel, then storing the clutter will help prevent shoppers from getting frustrated and moving on to shop somewhere else because they don't see what they need.
Overall, a retail store remodel is one of the easiest ways to maintain a certain level of interest in your business as the years pass, but this task requires prior planning for the extra storage space you need.
If you would like to rent a storage container for your retail-remodeling project, then reach out to our team at Pick's Sales-Leasing, LLC for more information. We offer storage containers in several sizes and we're confident we'll have something that can help meet your remodeling needs.



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