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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Office Is Disorganized

Overstuffed file folders in a rack on a messy desk.
You might think a disorganized office is normal, but messiness is more of a problem than you might think. For one thing, productivity is more difficult when you're working in a cluttered environment. Having too much clutter everywhere can make even spacious offices look and feel small, and this is even more of a problem in a smaller office space. Plus, clutter doesn't give off a professional look.
If you want to do something about the clutter in your office, you must first realize what's causing it. Then, you can work on coming up with solutions. These are some of the reasons why your office might be so cluttered and some of the things that you can do about it.
1. You Don't Have an Organization System in Place
Perhaps the number one key to not having a cluttered and messy work environment is having a designated place to put everything. If you don't have designated places for things, then you can’t easily r clean up.
Because of this, come up with an organization system. Not only should you make sure that you follow your organization system, but you should encourage employees to follow it too.
First of all, you may need to invest in shelving units, filing cabinets, baskets, bins, and other organizational tools that can be used for storing everything from papers to equipment. Determining the best places for each thing to be stored in your office can help you get started.
Additionally, set up processes so that various items will be handled and put away immediately. For example, don't let junk mail sit around; instead, sort, file and throw away mail that comes into the office as soon as it arrives. As soon as you or an employee prints something out on the computer, make sure that you put it away.
By having a place to put everything and making an effort to put things away right away every time, you can help prevent clutter and disorganization from happening in the first place.
2. You're Dealing With Too Much Paper
Paper clutter is a big deal in many office settings nowadays. Luckily, this is something that can be solved easily by simply cutting down on how much paper you have and use in your office.
Naturally, some things have to be printed. Some paper materials will come in that have to be kept. However, this is often not the case, and reducing the amount of paper in your office by even a little bit will make a big difference.
When possible, try storing files online or reading them in your email rather than printing them out and storing them in the office. Some documents may be unnecessary and can potentially be shredded and disposed of or scanned, stored, and then disposed of.
Using less paper in your office won't just help with organization, either. This goal also help with saving money and helping the environment.
3. You're Keeping Too Much On-Site
All businesses have items that are necessary for the business. This does not mean that these things have to be kept on-site, though. Documents that you may need to keep the originals of but that you might not need to access often, furniture that you don't want to discard but that isn't currently in use, seasonal items, and more can all be stored off-site.
This helps free up space and get rid of clutter instantly. If you choose the right commercial storage solution, you'll know that the items are safe in storage and can be accessed at any time the business needs them without getting in the way of needed space at your main place of business.
A disorganized and messy office might feel overwhelming, but it's not something that you can't get under control. Contact us at Pick's Sales-Leasing, LLC., to find out about commercial storage solutions that might be perfect for helping your business have more space.



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