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4 Ways to Organize Your Storage Trailer for Inventory Management

Several kinds of businesses require some form of inventory. This inventory may range from auto parts to online auction items to even furniture. Regardless of what you are keeping in your inventory, there are times when you may need a storage trailer to house it properly. If this is the case, you'll want to make sure you have the storage trailer organized properly for easy inventory management.
Here are organizational methods you can use that are specific to storage trailers and units.

1. Aisles

One of the ways to organize your storage trailer for inventory management is to create aisles of items. You may think this can't be done with all types of inventory, but with some imagination, you can bring it together to work for you and your associates. You can also easily use different tools to help you set up these aisles without having them be permanent features.
If your inventory consists of larger items like furnishings or appliances, you can likely create aisles like you would see in a traditional furniture store. If you have smaller items, like tools and parts, you can use freestanding racks. Simply store the items in boxes or on the shelving units for easy access and inventory updates.

2. Inventory Scanning Station

One easy way to handle inventory, if you simply need to obtain items quickly and ship them out later, is to use a scanning station. The scanning station can consist of a small table at the entry to the trailer. This table can then house the scanning labels, items, and a computer to help inventory each item easily.
The ideal option would be a barcode scanner system. This system uses software on a computer or tablet, barcode tabs, and a handheld scanning device.
As the items come into the trailer or exit the storage trailers, you scan them with the handheld scanner. The barcode tab, which you attach to the newly entered item, can be read by the scanner and will automatically be stored in your software. If someone calls, you can check the system and determine easily what is available.

3. Image Boxes

If the majority of your inventory is in prepackaged boxes, like supplies or parts for repairs, then you may find it confusing when you start to stack the boxes. Most of these types of boxes are labeled on the side or bottom in small print. This can be an issue when you have large amounts of inventory that you keep stacked.
One way to deal with this problem is to create an image box system, which begins by taking a picture of the contents of the box. You can then print out that image and place it on the outside of the box with a barcode. You scan the barcode as you would for other inventory items. The image allows you to see what is inside the box easily for quick visual scanning and inventory checks.

4. Receiving Station

Some businesses find it easy to open the storage trailers during business hours and place someone at the door as a receiving station. This person helps to organize new inventory items and handles all of the orders and software as well. This system works specifically with storage trailers since they can be treated as a separate building as part of the business.
If you decide to add a receiving station to your storage trailer rental, make sure that the station is easy to remove.
Also, make sure the storage trailer has adequate lighting throughout the trailer, even if that lighting is natural light being filtered in. Lighting will be necessary for some of the operations of the station. You should also ensure the station has a power source within the trailer of some kind, especially if your trailer houses refrigerated units and food inventory.
By using these four ways to organize your storage trailer for inventory management, you can create an easy-to-maintain management method. If you feel these are ideal methods for your business but aren't sure what size trailer you will need will be, contact Pick's Sales-Leasing, LLC. for size options and pricing.



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