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5 Ways Businesses Can Use Storage Containers

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People use storage units in endless creative ways, and the secure extra space can be beneficial for both commercial and residential customers. Business owners experience a lot of return on their investment when they use a storage container to help them achieve their goals. Here are just five examples of the ways storage containers help fulfill business needs.

1. Prepare for Remodel

Sensitive electronic equipment, confidential files, and many other items in an office need to be out of the way when a remodel begins. Even just applying a fresh coat of paint may mean people need to clear the office of everything blocking access to the walls.
If you need extra space to place all of your items that need to be removed for remodeling, a waterproof, secure storage container is an affordable and convenient option.

2. Storage of Overstock

Businesses earn more profits when they stock up on merchandise when the price is right. Storage units make that possible for small companies that lack a warehouse. Companies may buy office supplies in bulk, save overstock for the next holiday season, or buy seasonal merchandise whenever a great deal arises if you have the extra space in a storage unit.

3. Gather Promotional Items

Trade show gear may clutter offices. Trade shows give small companies the visibility that could be impossible to achieve in any other way. The shows help the company, but a lot of gear is needed. Storage units can hold the signage, promotional products, tables, and other items that travel with the representatives to every show.

4. Help With Move

The latest moving industry statistics show that 38 percent of the clients that moving companies have are corporate customers. Every year, many people move their offices into different buildings or different cities. Organizing a residential move is a challenge, but it is even more complex when it is a commercial customer.
The owners must protect their private client files and financial information, and there are usually thousands of dollars worth of electronics to disassemble, move, and set up somewhere new. Companies must also protect all valuable equipment from the weather and from theft between these stages. Offices also have desks, chairs, and file cabinets as well as much more.
A storage container is not a magical solution that makes a move stress-free, but they do make it easier. With a storage unit, you can store non-essentials out of the way until moving day and use the unit to separate items going to a different destination. Pack up older files and outdated equipment to send to a storage facility to keep them safe and out of the way.

5. Add Office Space

A container can also be a handy temporary room until a permanent solution becomes available. You could set up a boardroom in the unit for privacy during meetings with investors or clients, or use it as training space for new employees or new projects. 
About 62 percent of U.S. workers spend lunchtime at their desk. Not only is this offensive to others because of the odor of the food, but it is also unhealthy due to the bacteria left behind from dropped food. Create a quiet lunch room with a storage container so employees can get away from their desk and to prevent the smell of tuna sandwiches and warmed up leftovers from permeating the office air.
Business owners need to employ unique tactics and creative methods to compete with larger companies. They improve their ability to increase profits every time they can expand without taking on more debt or find a solution that solves an efficiency problem. Storage units may not solve all problems, but they do offer enough versatility to make them worth considering.
At Pick's Sales-Leasing, LLC., we offer storage units in a variety of sizes and have many different leasing plans available. We work with each customer to help them find the best solution for their needs. Contact us or stop by one of our three locations to learn more about how our secure, high-quality storage containers can help your business succeed. 



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