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6 Benefits of Choosing a Storage Container

Storage Containers
Do you need to store your household belongings? Not only do you want to reduce the risk of your unit being burglarized, but you also want to verify the items will be safe from other worrisome conditions. Here are some reasons a storage container may meet your needs the best.

1. Less Moving of the Items

When you rent a regular storage unit and then a moving truck, this means your items will be handled a total of four times when moving to and from the unit. When you rent a storage container that's brought to you, then your items will only be moved twice.
Moving your things half the number of times means you will decrease your risk of items being broken during the moving process by half.

2. No Hurdles to Move Around

When you move your items in and out of a moving truck, you will need to go up and down the ramp with every load. Some storage units are around corners and some of the corners can be tight. These corners make it hard to maneuver items like couches and other large pieces. While rare, some storage units also have steps you need to go over to access the unit.
When you move your belongings into a storage container, you won’t have to worry about a ramp, steps, or corners. The fewer hurdles your items need to be carried up, down, or around, the less risk of those items being damaged. Also, the chance of injury will be reduced when items are being moved directly into a ground-level storage container.

3. Easy Access to Your Belongings

When you rent a storage container to be stored on your own property, you can access your belongings easily without traveling to the storage company's location. When you can walk right out to your container, you will save yourself time, money, and hassle. Also, you won't feel as rushed to get in and out of the storage.
You can go check on your items anytime you are concerned someone may be snooping around the container. You may also be able to point one of your security cameras directly at the storage container, so you can watch the container over your security monitor.

4. Ability to Swap Out Items

When you have your things kept off-site, putting other things in the unit while pulling stored ones out can be a day-long chore. When the storage container is near you, the ability to swap out your stored items is made much easier.
You can even change your entire reason for using the container. If you had first rented the container to store household items during a remodel, then you can switch to using the container to store items you plan on selling or anything else.

5. Control Over Pest Control Issues

When a rented storage container is on your property, you can spray the area around the container to prevent pest infestations. When you have your items kept in a traditional storage unit, you may find the people storing items near your unit have brought pests with their items, which may get inside yours.

6. Convenient Delivery of Storage Container

Storage container providers will bring the size of storage container you need to the location you want the container brought to. You can take your time moving your items into the container and lock the container with your own lock when you are done. You can rent the container for a short duration or on an annual basis.
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