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Are You Looking to Rent a Storage Container? Important Factors to Consider

Door Of Blue Storage Container
Storage containers are versatile containers that can be used to provide you with more storage space temporarily or for a prolonged period of time. These containers can also be used when you are transporting goods from one location to another. 
If you are looking to rent one of these containers, you may be focused on the rental price and how long the company will rent the container to you. But there are many other factors that you should consider outside of the rental price. Here are a few important factors you should consider as you look to rent a storage container. 

What Weather Elements the Container Can Withstand

When you place your belongings in a storage container, you expect them to come out of the container in the same condition as when they went in. Unfortunately, if you fail to consider the weather elements that a container is designed to withstand, this may not be the case. 
Different storage containers are designed to withstand different weather elements. Some may be air tight to keep humid or sea air out. Some may be water tight, to keep rain and snow out. Others may be insulated, designed to help protect your belongings against temperature extremes.
Consider the weather where your container is being stored or transported and the weather elements a container is designed to withstand to find the right storage container for your belongings.

The Size of the Container

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when renting a storage container is assuming that the containers offered by various companies are all the same size. Storage containers can vary in height, width and length. As you go about searching for the right storage container for your needs, carefully consider how much space you will need and the right sized unit to house these items. 

How Secure the Storage Container Is

In most cases, your storage container will be stored outside. Unfortunately, this makes the container a target for thieves who are looking to break in and steal whatever is housed inside. For this reason, consider the security features that different containers offer. 
Some of the security features that may be offered include secure doors or premium locking mechanisms. Some units may feature doors that can only be opened with the right key or combination. Some doors are so secure that they cannot be cut through with a metal cutting saw.
Always consider the security features that a storage container offers to help protect your belongings while they are being stored inside. 

The Condition of the Storage Container

Always ask to see the storage containers that are used by a company to see what type of condition they are in. The condition that storage containers are in vary based on the elements they are subjected to, how well maintained they are, what materials they are composed of, and their age. 
When you are inspecting storage containers, be on the lookout for rust, signs of water leaks, signs of pest infestations, and holes or dents. If you notice that the fleet of containers a company owns has these problems, you may want to avoid the company, as storage containers with these issues may not protect your belongings.
Additionally, always inspect the exact container that is brought to you before you place your belongings inside. If problems are present, decline delivery and ask for a new container. A problem-free container will keep your belongings safe from weather elements and pests while your belongings are being stored or transported. 
When you are looking to rent a storage container, Pick's Sales-Leasing, LLC. is here to help you. We listen to what you need and help you find the right storage container for your needs. Contact us today to get started or get a free estimate. 



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