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Benefits of Renting a Storage Container When Renovating Your Home

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Even though renovating your home is a good thing, it can be stressful. If you're looking for ways to make your renovation easier, consider renting a storage container for the duration of the project. The following are a few reasons why.

Make Renovations Easier

If you have all of your stuff in the house, you'll have to worry about moving it all out of the way or working around it while renovating. If it's in a storage container, however, you can make things much easier on yourself and your contractors.

Save on Labor Costs

If you're paying your contractors by the hour, the little things that waste time can really add up. For example, if your contractors have to spend paid time moving your belongings out of the way, this can add to the cost of your project. With a storage container, though, you can move items outside ahead of time. Then your contractors can get to work right away when they arrive.

Protect Your Belongings

Your belongings are probably important to you. Luckily, a storage container can help you protect them. If you're worried about theft while you have contractors working in your home, putting your belongings in a storage container and locking it can provide you with peace of mind.
If you're concerned that your belongings will be damaged by paint or will be bumped or otherwise damaged, a storage container can help with that as well.

Focus on Safety

Household renovation projects can be dangerous. They can be made a whole lot safer, however, if you do not have a lot of clutter. If you move all of your household furnishings and other items out to the storage container, you can help prevent someone from tripping and falling over these items while they're working in your house.

Declutter Your Home

While renovating your home, you might hope to declutter as well. This can be hard to do, but moving everything out to your storage unit is a good start. That way, you don't have to decide right away what you will keep and what you will donate or sell. Instead, you can take your time in choosing what to do with all of your items.
In the meantime, you can simply move the items that you know you are going to keep back into your home after the renovation is completed. If you end up keeping a lot of items in the storage container, you can always have it delivered to the storage facility. Then you'll have a safe place to store your belongings without having to actually keep them in your newly renovated home.

Have Storage for Renovation-Related Items

While you're preparing for your renovation, you might buy various building supplies so that you can tackle your project. Before and during your project, you'll probably need a place to store these things. With your own storage container, you'll have ample room to store any supplies that you might be stocking up on.
If you plan on changing out your furniture and decor, you can use your storage container to start purchasing and storing these things now. This way, you'll have time to shop around for items that you really like and that are available at a good price. At the same time, you’ll be able to keep them in your storage container for safekeeping until you are able to bring them into your newly remodeled home.
As you can see, renting a storage container during a home renovation can be very handy. Contact us at Pick's Sales-Leasing, LLC., today to find out more about our storage container rentals.



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