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Seasonal Storage: Preparation Tips for the Gear From Every Season

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Apartment dwellers and owners of tiny homes may want to make the most of each season but feel restricted because they lack room for their belongings. Storage containers are a convenient way to tuck aside items used only a few weeks of the year. The property stays safe and the home is free from clutter. Here is what to remember when packing seasonal items.

Clean Exterior Items

Carefully clean and inspect patio furniture, yard ornaments, and any other item left outside. Not only should everything be free from any moisture or mold, but you should also clean away bugs too. Spiders, wasps, and others build egg sacks for their young. Most will hatch before the summer season ends, but you should be cautious and clear them away to prevent infestations.
Leave camping gear like tents and sleeping bags outside in the sunshine after use to dry thoroughly before rolling and packing. Mildew can destroy tents as it grows, and the smell and mess can transfer to other items nearby.

Empty Edible Items

Nearly every season includes some type of special edible treat that you should not leave behind when packing items in a storage container. Empty trick-or-treat bags and buckets, Easter baskets, and Christmas stockings carefully. Wash all items thoroughly if any of the treats melted or crumbled at the bottom.
Another location where forgotten food can linger is in backpacks and picnic baskets. Check to make sure there are not any half-eaten granola bars or other snacks left inside. Used napkins or wet wipes can also have food debris odors or crumbs that could cause pest problems or mold issues. 
Christmas decorations often include edible ingredients. Gingerbread or dough ornaments, popcorn garlands, or strings of cranberries can rot and entice pests while in storage. Dispose of these while removing the decorations, or store them in an airtight container at home if you feel too sentimental to throw them out.

Store Liquids Elsewhere

Christmas snow globes, an overstock of canned garden goods and suntan lotion and sunblock are just some of the seasonal items that include a liquid. The water in snow globes and glass canning jars could freeze and break if left in a storage unit without climate control. Even commercially canned foods can burst if frozen. 
Suntan lotion and sunblock need to stay at room temperature to prevent degradation of their formula. Replacement of these next summer is often a better solution that storage since the skin products also come with expiration dates.

Keep Batteries Home

Many Christmas decorations have batteries that run their lights and music. The batteries can corrode and leak if left inside the item for a long time. Sometimes a careful cleaning can remedy the damage, but it can also make the decoration unusable. The battery leakage can also spill onto other property and damage these things as well.

Avoid Dangerous Items

Storage companies forbid anything that is flammable or explosive. The list includes items like oil and gas in lawnmowers or yard trimmers, kerosene heaters, and propane tanks. Fertilizer and insecticides are usually banned as well. Guns and ammunition cannot go into storage, so target shooters and hunters will need to make room for these at home. 
Also, remember to check all summer bags, clothing, and coolers used during any July 4th celebrations or summer parties. The containers could still hold sparklers or firecrackers or the lighters used to ignite the fireworks or bonfires. 
Seasonal storage can free up room for a more organized and comfortable home. It allows people to downsize without giving up the items they enjoy or need. At Pick’s Sales-Leasing, LLC, we can help you to find the perfect storage solution for your extras from one season or for a variety of items from each season. Contact us for rates, sizes, and storage guidelines. 



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