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The Frequent Traveler's Guide to Storing Souvenirs

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Along with seeing great sights and meeting new people, one of the pure pleasures of traveling can be collecting souvenirs. Buying a souvenir can feel like taking a part of the destination home with you. However, if you travel frequently, even one souvenir from every place you visit can pile up quickly. Utilize these tips and strategies for successfully storing your souvenirs.

Take Inventory of Your Souvenirs

Before you can choose the right storage unit or trailer for your souvenirs, you’ll want to have an accurate idea of how many souvenirs you have and how much space you really need. To start, take inventory of every item in your collection. From stickers and postcards to art and furniture, catalog every single item you plan to store.

Similarly, when you obtain packing boxes for your souvenirs to prepare them for storage, use a notebook to record exactly which items are placed in which box. Once you've packed your entire collection and placed it in storage, store the notebook at the storage facility, too. That way, you can refer to it quickly if you need to remove something from the storage unit later.

Store Items in Original Boxes

If you kept the original boxes that your souvenirs came in, it's a good idea to place them back in the original containers before then putting them in packing boxes. This will add extra security. For example, placing a souvenir spoon in its original box can help keep it free of nicks and scrapes while it's in storage.

Indulge in Consumable Souvenirs

If you buy a consumable souvenir like a candy bar or locally grown fruit, make sure to consume it while it's fresh. If you really love the wrapper it came in, you can save it as a memento of the sweet. However, don't try to store consumable souvenirs. They tend to have a limited shelf life, and spoiled food can quickly stink up your entire storage unit.

Similarly, if you buy a rose-shaped candle or novelty bottle of bubble bath, try to enjoy the souvenirs in the way the makers intended. If you save the candle for years, it may end up melting before you even have the chance to experience the beauty of it burning. Store only souvenirs that are designed to last.

Put Loose Papers in a Scrapbook

As you organize your souvenirs for storage, set aside any scraps of paper you feel you need to keep. Whether it's a plane ticket, a cool postcard, or a beautiful brochure, papers from your travels can be best preserved and later enjoyed when placed in scrapbooks in an organized way.

If you have a lot of papers, consider starting a scrapbook for each destination. Otherwise, one large travel scrapbook can capture the spirit of a wide variety of places. Consider organizing the scrapbook according to the dates you went to each place. Alternately, put your papers about regional travel up front, national travel in the middle, and international travel last.  

Part With Unloved Souvenirs

Nearly anyone has experienced buyer's remorse. Buyer's remorse for travelers can get complicated. For example, if you happened to regret purchasing a pair of shoes you bought in Paris once you return to the United States, you probably can't just return them and get your money back. However, you also shouldn't just store shoes you don't like any more.

If you accumulated souvenirs that you no longer love, bite the bullet and get rid of them. Instead of viewing it as breaking up the collection, try to see it as freeing up space for new and exciting souvenirs you will love on future journeys. Sell or give away any items you don't genuinely love, need, or plan to use again. You can always take photos to remember the items by.

Finally, take actions to get your souvenirs organized today. Contact Pick’s Sales-Leasing LLC, for storage solutions for all the treasures you've picked up on your journeys. With over 31 years of experience, we can help you find the right trailer or storage container for a complete or growing collection of souvenirs.



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