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Tips for Being the Ultimate Prepper

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Prepping is the act of collecting and stocking everything you would need for yourself and your family to survive for a long time without depending on outside sources. The frame of thought is you may need to survive without grocery stores, gas stations, and even communications with the outside world.

Today, some of the common reasons for prepping include concerns over power grid failure, the possibility of martial law, and concerns over terrorist takeovers. As always, some preppers also focus on preparedness for the possibility of things like war, weather-related disasters, and natural disasters like earthquakes.

If you have decided to start prepping, then you will want to have a place to stock all the supplies you will need. Renting a storage unit or storage container is a great place to start.

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Stock Up on Food That Keeps for Years

If you stock up on food that stays good for years, this will save you money since you will not need to continuously replace the food as it goes bad. Some foods you can stockpile for a long time include rice, beans, pasta noodles, canned food, powdered milk, oats, and anything else with a long shelf life.

Along with stocking up on the right foods, you want to store them in the best containers. Canned food is fine in the original can. However, you should not store foods like beans and rice in the bags they came in — or bugs and rodents can get to them. Invest in 5-gallon buckets and use oxygen absorbers and Mylar bags to preserve things like beans, rice, pasta, and oats.

Learn how to can because this is also important. Canning allows you to prepare food items like canned meat, sauces, jams, fruit, and vegetables. Load up on plenty of water and store it in securely sealed bottles. Also, have a lot of bleach because you can use it to disinfect drinking water if you find yourself without drinkable water.

Stock Up on First Aid Supplies

When you prep, you want to cover as many bases as possible with having first aid supplies and other medicinal items.

Purchase items like medications, Band-Aids, sterile gauze, medical tape, and ACE bandages when you see them on sale. Purchase first aid kits intended for preppers that contain other important supplies like suture kits.

Store medications in a dark, cool, and dry place. Exposure to excessive sunlight, heat, and moisture can cause active ingredients in medications to break down and become less effective.

Protect other first aid supplies from humidity, moisture, and too much daylight. Exposure to these elements can cause the adhesives to become less sticky. The secured packaging can also open, which means the first aid items inside the packaging will no longer be sterile.

Find a Storage Place for All Your Supplies

A windowless storage unit is a good place to keep food and first aid items for long periods. You want to set up the unit where it will have plenty of shade. This will help to control the temperature inside the storage container to better preserve your stockpile items.

If you are ready to start prepping your stockpile, contact us now to rent one of our storage containers. We at Pick’s Sales-Leasing, LLC, have a variety of sizes to choose from so you can rent the size that meets your stockpiling needs the best.

If you have any questions about which storage container is right for you, please talk to any of our experienced storage facility team members. We'll happily go over sizes and dimensions to help you secure a storage container that is right for your prepping needs.



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